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Let's give the water


The NGO Eau Sauve finances these projects to provide water to the poor through4 sources of income.
Our ambition is to raise $15,000,000 per year to provide water to500,000 people, and more, every year.





Water Saves


Sale Eau Sauve

​The first source of income results from the sale of our brand of mineral water, Eau Sauve®, operated by Eau Sauve SARL. The NGO Eau Sauve benefits from 61.8% of the profits generated by Eau Sauve SARL.

“Buy to give” is our brand mottoEau Sauve®.

On the bottle is marked: "By purchasing this bottle, you have just given water to 4 people today, thank you." 

So, one person who drinks one bottle per day provides drinking water to 4 people every day throughout the year. If 100,000 people drinkEau Sauve® daily, they help provide drinking water to 400,000 people throughout the year.

National Subsidies

The second source of income comes from national subsidies. By collaborating with governments and providing our resources and skills to address challenges related to access to water, the NGO Eau Sauve obtains water supply contracts from affiliated national organizations in the state.

International Subsidies

The third source of income comes from international subsidies. The NGO Eau Sauve can raise subsidies directly from major donors, such as the World Bank, the African Development Bank, the European Community, etc., through a Public Service Delegation, a DSP.

This DSP is a contract by which the State entrusts the NGO Eau Sauve with part of the management of the public service of supplying water to the population. 

The DSP is governed by legal rules aimed at ensuring transparency, fairness and quality of the service provided.


The fourth source of income comes from donations.

We invite individuals, businesses, foundations, governments and international organizations to make donations to our NGO Eau Sauve in order to contribute to access to water for deprived populations around the world.

Our allows for the payment of donations.

The NGO Eau Sauve organizes fundraising events.

Every dollar invested is one step closer to sustainable access to water for the poor.

Bringing water means bringing prosperity, health, education, peace and happiness to developing countries.

The NGO Eau Sauve is the fertilization nucleus of this culture.

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