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To receive your application file to participate in the capital increase of the Water Saves Investment Fund.

Water Saves
Investment Fund

The Water Saves Investment Fund (WSIF) aims to thrive and contribute to access to clean water for the world's poor. We want to attract investors interested in social impact while making satisfactory profits.

Fund structure

The Water Saves Investment Fund, a Belgian Société Anonyme, is an investment fund with periodic calls for funds which focuses on a single activity: financing the construction of bottling plants for the mineral water brandEau Sauve® (for French-speaking countries) andWater Saves® (for English-speaking countries).

The number of shares
is variable

The fund allows investors to participate in different stages of the project's evolution depending on financial needs. When WSIF raises capital, new shares are issued, allowing investors to contribute specific amounts at specified times. New investors may come in during these calls as well.

The value of shares
is variable

As more factories are established, we will see a significant increase in financial support from banks, thereby reducing our dependence on equity capital. This transition to more diversified financing will have a positive impact on the value of shares.


The Water Saves Investment Fund plays an essential role in financing Water Saves SRL. As the financial arm of our initiative, the fund invests in the construction of bottling plants in developing countries. These factories produce and market high quality mineral water under the brandsEau Sauve® AndWater Saves®, targeting the local middle class through local subsidiaries.


From each sale, 61.8% of profits are donated to the NGO Eau Sauve, which works to provide access to drinking water to disadvantaged populations. 38.2% of profits go to shareholders, including WSIF, which holds preferred shares.

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Preferential shares

The preferred shares held by WSIF in the factories are given priority and receive a return of 12% from the third year until the profit exceeds this percentage. This mechanism ensures priority remuneration to WSIF investors, thus strengthening the guarantee of profits during this period.

To receive your application file to participate in the capital increase of the Water Saves Investment Fund.


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