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Save the planet

The NGO Eau Sauve works to build a world where everyone would like to live. We aim to alleviate the suffering of millions of peopleby providing water, the basis of all life. We believe in a transition phase where the current "chaos" can be the source of a new world, based on sharing, respect for the environment and happiness for all.

The NGO Eau Sauve aspires to contribute to the emergence of this new planetary, peaceful, ethical and sustainable culture.

Giving water to the world's poor

The NGO Eau Sauve is a philanthropic and humanitarian organization dedicated to providing clean drinking water and ensuring wastewater sanitation for disadvantaged populations around the world. Our mission follows the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6.1.


is present in the following countries:

Improving the living conditions of the poor

The NGO Eau Sauve aims to improve the living conditions of peri-urban and rural populations through several initiatives. This includes the provision of drinking water, education in the responsible use of this resource, awareness of healthy living, training in basic agricultural techniques, irrigation of vegetable gardens, support for the sale of agricultural products through the Eau Sauve cooperative, and finally, the development of solar energy.

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