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Our Social Enterprise model benefits both disadvantaged populations and shareholders and investors.
Helping those in need is at the heart of our business. We earn money to help those in need, while rewarding our shareholders and investors with a satisfactory return on investment: 

  • 61.8% of the profits of Water Saves subsidiaries are paid to the local NGO Eau Sauve so that it can finance water access projects for the poor.

  • 38.2% of profits are distributed to shareholders. 

Any investor participating in our project is in full agreement with this distribution of profits. It will be integrated into the statutes of the companies and the respective shareholders’ agreements. It will be applied for the entire lifespan of the companies.

This distribution of profits comes from our economic sharing model.

A sharing economic model

In nature we can see patterns, structures and processes common to all manifestations, all of which have a specific proportional relationship as their basis.  This ratio is called Phi. It is also called the golden ratio or the divine proportion. The golden ratio is the mathematical language of beauty. Its magnitude is 1.618 relative to one.

Present thousands of times in human proportions, we find it for example in the dimensions of the fingers of our hands.

The bones of the hand are sized in a phi ratio, with one part always being 1.618 x larger than the previous part.

This omnipresent relationship of nature is the law of fractal repetition. As an explanatory key to understanding the structures of the physical world, the same patterns repeat at all scales, from the atomic to the galactic.

When we decompose an object into two unequal parts, we say that the proportion is golden, if the ratio between the large part and the small is the same as the ratio between the whole and the large part. 

When  (a + b)/a = a/b. 

The a/b ratio is then equal to the golden ratio.

 If a = 1, then b = 0.618, and a+b= 1.618. 

If a+b = 100%, then a = 61.80% and b = 38.20%.

All Life on earth was built on the mathematics of the golden ratio.

It is the most equitable division of the Universe, the donor is satisfied with the small part and gives the large part. The golden ratio allows unlimited growth in logarithmic proportions.

The golden ratio builds the harmony of Nature. Just follow this law of nature to do the same. If we use the golden ratio in our economy, we change the world around us, because the golden ratio ensures equitable and altruistic sharing of benefits.

If we want to finance change, we must change the distribution of wealth. Our project seeks to prove that by following the golden ratio in this distribution, it will be a positive force for people and the planet.

We have known this for 800 years, and we never thought of creating an economy that works according to the mathematical rules of Nature! So, let's start now and create the first water company that operates according to the golden ratio.

Distribution of wealth in a sharing economy

Like a seed that keeps 38.2% for itself and gives 61.8% of its nourishment to what grows within it, Water Saves does the same:

Following the golden ratio, 61.8% of profits go to the NGO Eau Sauve, and 38.2% of profits go to shareholders.

The company Water Saves SRL and its subsidiaries aim to carry out as many projects as possible to distribute drinking water to the population. To do this, it is statutorily provided that 61.8% of their profits will go to meet this objective and 38.2% will be reserved for shareholders. 

This is the beauty of the sharing economy, uniting the principles of ambition of capitalism with altruism and fairness. Everyone wins, no one is left behind.

Organization of the Water Saves group

Our bottling plants will be owned by local subsidiaries, bearing the name Water Saves for English speakers or Eau Sauve for French speakers, followed by the name of the country, such as Eau Sauve RDC SARL, or Water Saves Cambodia Ltd.

In Belgium we will have two holding companies, which will, together, be the owners of these subsidiaries. 

Water Saves SRL in Belgium is the management holding company, it will own 61.8% of the subsidiaries, which will give it a majority in voting rights for decision-making. She will be the driving force behind the creation of the factory network, network management, brand marketing, global recognition and growth.

Water Saves Investment Fund (WSIF) is a Belgian limited company and financing holding company. It will own 38.2% of the shares of Water Saves SRL, and therefore indirectly own 38.2 x 61.8 = 23.6% of the subsidiaries through Water Saves SRL. 

It will also own 38.2% of the shares of the direct subsidiaries. 

TOTAL: 23.6% + 38.2% = 61.8%. 

In total, Water Saves Investment Fund will therefore receive 61.8% of the dividends paid to shareholders of the subsidiaries.

Thus, Water Saves SRL will have 61.8% of the voting rights at the general meeting but will only receive 38.2% of the financial income,

while the WSIF will receive 61.8% of the financial income and will only have 38.2% of the voting rights at the general assembly. 

It is an equitable cross-sharing of powers and income.

It should be noted that the shares of the Water Saves Investment Fund are considered preferred shares. In order to guarantee a minimum income to investor shareholders, WSIF shares will benefit from a preferential dividend, up to 12% of the amount invested by WSIF, from the third year, when the profits of the subsidiary allow it.

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