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Creation of factories

Water Saves SRL, a Belgian humanitarian trading company, identifies high-quality natural water sources in developing countries. 

It builds bottling plants near springs and markets mineral water under the brand Eau Sauve® for French-speaking countries and Water Saves® for English-speaking countries.


Water from each source is sold locally to the middle class through the local subsidiary. The  subsidiary of each country will have its own marketing, advertising and local marketing. 

In order to ensure uniform management of all members of the network, Water Saves SRL will coordinate, from Belgium, the management of its subsidiaries. By providing centralized management of the network, Water Saves SRL will ensure the cohesion of the image of the Eau Sauve® and Water Saves® brands.

The feasibility study

In each country where we wish to build a bottling plant, we start with a feasibility study which includes the search for a source, a market study to identify the size of the market, the number of bottles imported, the number of bottles that we think we can sell and the selling price of these bottles.

This allows toconfirm the profitability of the factory and to proceed with the call for investment and construction of the factory.

The quality of the sources

We are looking for sites wherewater emerges naturally from the ground spontaneously, because we recognize that water pumped from the groundwater may not have the same level of quality.

These emerging sources are forr us natural treasures, offering spring water of impeccable quality. This pure water, emerging from the earth as a gift from nature, is consideredthe only true natural mineral water.

Get source

After carrying out a thorough study of the emerging source to understand its capacity, quality and flow rate, we obtainthe necessary authorizationslocal authorities and the government for the exploitation of the source.

The production

Ourspecialized engineers ensure thegetting started traffic jam andtraininglocal staff for quality production. This production quality isfollowedthroughout the life of the plant.


Water Saves SRL providesthe expertisemarketing and expertise in the sale of water to its subsidiaries. Marketing, branding, advertisements, customer websites, promotional offers and monitoring of water sales aremanaged in daily collaboration between Water Saves SRL and its subsidiariesthrough the Intranet-Water Saves network, a very efficient communication and information storage body.

Buy to give

Local customers buyEau Sauve® to provide drinking water to the poor.

On the bottle is written:By purchasing this bottle, you have just given water to 4 people today. THANKS.

So, one person who drinks one bottle per day provides drinking water to 4 people every day throughout the year. If 100,000 people drinkEau Sauve® daily, they help provide drinking water to 400,000 people throughout the year.

Build the factory

We build and install bottling plants that meet theEuropean standards, straight to the source. Water collection will comply with current EEC quality requirements and standards. 

The design of the factory, the construction of buildings, the supply and assembly of machines, the start-up of bottling, the training of staff including marketing and sales techniques.Eau Sauve® and Water Saves® are ensured under the management of the company Water Saves SRL and monitored throughout the life of the plant.

The Sustainable Development Goals

Despite a significant need for energy, our factories userenewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic panels and tidal turbines, to meet their energy needs.

Green Energy (SDG 7)

Transport (SDG 13)

In the DRC, our source is located 100 m from the Congo River. This allows us to transport our pallets of waterby boat on the Congo River to the center of Kinshasa andreduce the use of polluting road transport.

Recycling (SDG 12)

Water Saves plansan instruction $0.10 for each bottleEau Sauve®. This deposit will be divided in two and indicated at $0.05 on the bottle. 

Water Saves written on the bottle: “  For each bottle ofEau Sauve® returned,a second bottle, without deposit and of another brand, will be returned at the same price. » 

So we will take back two bottles to recycle for each bottle we sell. Through this collection, Water Saves will recover many more bottles than it will emit and will help clean Nature of plastic waste.


The benefits of selling our water brandEau Sauve® areshared between shareholders and the NGO Eau Sauve, in accordance with our economic sharing model.

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Local workforce (SDG 8)

Our factories use simple, robust and minimally automated machines, thus promotingcreation of local jobs quality. This approach contributes toeconomic growth supportedin the developing country.

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